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12. Dance With Me
13. It’s Not Easy Letting Go
14. Our First Kiss
15. It Must Have Been A Dream
16. She’s The One For Me
17. Born In Brooklyn
18. Time Stood Still
19. Every Time
20. I Can Still Rock And Roll All Night
21. Baby Please (Not While I’m Driving)
22. I’m Movin’
23. Wanted (A Solid Gold Cadillac)
The Aquatones
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The Aquatones, “The Authentic Releases – And More!”
 $10.00 plus S & H (see below)
Track list (*asterisk and bold font indicate the actual released versions of these 16 songs that have never before been available on CD!):

Released 45s by the Aquatones 1958-1961:
1. You
2. She’s The One For Me
3. Say You’ll Be Mine
4. So Fine
5. The Drive-In
6. Our First Kiss
7. My Treasure
8. My One Desire
9. *For You, For You
10. My Darling
11. *There’s A Long Long Trail
12. *Every Time
13. *Crazy For You
14. *Wanted (A Solid Gold Cadillac)


Other released 45s involving the Aquatones or one of their members:
15. *I Wrote A Poem (Vinnie Monte with the Aquatones)
16. Anna Mae (Bob E. Lee with the Aquatones)
17. How Still The Night (the Chord’r Notes)
18. *Livin’ The Life (the Chord’r Notes)
19. *She’s The One For Me (demo version)
20. *For You, For You (home rehearsal)
21. *Crazy Eyes (1991, on vinyl in 2001)
22. *A Dreamer (1991, on vinyl in 2001)

Released on LP only:
23. Light Up The Sky
24. You (“studio band version”)
25. For You, For You (“studio band version”)

Released by the Aquatones in 1991 on cassette only:
26. *Thunder
27. *Solid Gold Cadillac
28. *Close To Your Side
29. *Be Mine Forever
30. *The John Loves Mary Rock
Vinyl collector records (limited quantities)

Debra Records Collector Series 45 RPM (Blue Vinyl, 2002)  $6.00 plus S & H
Tracks (from the “40 years later” CD

Side A: You
Side B:  Crazy For You